1. Develop REST API for various project
  2. Aggregate data from various external sources
  3. Collaborate with Frontend/AI/Computer vision in integration
  4. Follow output response that given from frontend needs
  5. Propose database structure
  6. Develop algorithms and models for real-time application
  7. Develop system to collect, process and feed data


  1. Strong programming skills in Python
  2. Understanding of MVC framework
  3. Uses Git for code management and versioning
  4. Familiar with AWS architecture
  5. Familiar with MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL
  6. Familiar with HTTP Status Code
  7. Experience with REST API structuring is a MUST
  8. Experience with Django framework
  9. Experience with Socket
  10. Familiar with Agile SDLC
  11. Experience in Unit Testing and BDD
  12. Experience in integrating with third party API
  13. Experience in handling large traffic project is a plus
  14. Good understanding of object oriented concept
  15. Experience in starting a project from scratch
  16. At least 6 years of experience
  17. MUST be a team player
  18. Positive attitude towards problems
  19. Able to handle stress and deadline

Working Location:Singapore / Philippines (Multiple Headcounts)