1. Creating well-structured test plans and defining test scenarios
  2. Test execution and bug registration, prioritization and triage
  3. Estimate, prioritize, plan and coordinate testing activities
  4. Liaise with product and development teams to review requirements, specifications and technical design documents
  5. Quality sign-off and reviewing reports prepared by junior QAs
  6. Understands the quality portion of building, packaging and deploying code. Identify patterns that need to be addressed from a quality perspective prior to hitting QA environments.
  7. Identify heat maps and propose automation scenarios
  8. Design, develop and execute automation scripts
  9. Perform thorough regression testing when bugs are resolved


  1. Strong production experience in Quality assurance
  2. Experienced in web, mobile, cross-platform, cross-browser, UI, integration, exploratory, regression testing
  3. Strong working knowledge of testing fundamentals such as TDD, BDD
  4. Able to use architectural principals and best practices for test solution creation, define test goals, measure test coverage, perform test tool evaluations and work effectively irrespective of test tool(s)
  5. Experience with building, configuring and deploying services, microservices and applications
  6. Experience with unit testing and modern development processes
  7. Experience in Web apps automation is a plus
  8. Critical thinker and problem-solving skills
  9. Team player, collaboration with other team members
  10. Good organizational and time-management skills
  11. Great interpersonal and communication skills
  12. Upper intermediate spoken and written English
  13. Agile (SaFE, Scrum, Kanban), knowledge of tools for collaboration
  14. Sense of pragmatism, urgency, and good technical judgement

Working Location:Singapore