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Singapore: COVID-19 hiring trends

COVID-19 has disrupted various aspects of the job market, and one of the biggest changes is the change in the nature of job openings. According to the annual job vacancies report released by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) on April 9, it reflected that nearly 35% of the job vacancies last year were for remote […]

Singapore: Local employment wage changes

Currently, there is no minimum wage in Singapore. In its place, there is a Progressive Wage Model (PWM), which is a scheme developed to guarantee career and wage progression for workers limited to sectors like security, cleaning, and landscape. Essentially, workers in these specific sectors will be guaranteed progression based on their productivity and skills, […]

Hong Kong: The HR Function post-COVID19

In a KPMG Global Survey, 77.5% of Human Resource Executives in Hong Kong indicated that they are in the midst of restructuring their companies to adapt to the new reality. This is also noted to be significantly higher compared to 59% of executives worldwide. In the survey, the Asia executives – which includes 42.5% Hong […]

Singapore: Are Singaporeans prepared for remote work?

With a flurry of changes the pandemic has caused, businesses have been forced to set up remote work arrangements without well-planned preparations. A year into living in the pandemic in Singapore, most businesses have adapted to hybrid working arrangements as the restrictions to go back to office ease up. There is a general consensus across […]

Hong Kong: The future of hybrid work

As businesses scurry to adapt to the rhythm of life amidst the pandemic, digitalisation becomes an indisputable recourse. In Hong Kong, businesses have displayed strong resilience through the severe disruptions that the pandemic has caused. Hybrid work is now the new normal, and according to Robert Half’s 2021 salary guide, 80% of Hong Kong employees […]

Singapore: What is happening to the Labour Market in 1Q 2021

Singapore’s unemployment rate peaked at 3.5% during September 2020, but things are picking up, and confidence amongst employers is growing, slowly but surely. Uncertainties still abound for many industries – especially the hard-hitting sectors – but the Singapore Government’s swift response to supporting wages through the Job Support Scheme has played a major role in […]

Hong Kong: The battle against the climbing unemployment rate

After a series of unfortunate events due to social unrest and COVID-19 pandemic hitting the shores of Hong Kong, the unemployment rate climbed to an all-time high of 6.6% in the last quarter of 2020. This is the new 16-year peak of unemployment rate in the renowned “Asia’s world city”.  With tourism fuelling Hong Kong’s […]

Singapore’s Job Support Scheme 2021: What you need to know

With COVID-19 landing businesses in a harrowing situation, the Singapore Government has stepped up their support to lend a helping hand. Since February 2020, over $25 billion has been committed to effectuate the “Job Support Scheme”, all of which has cushioned the financial blow for more than 150,000 employers thus far. It has mainly subsidised […]