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Why China’s Chinese New Year Holiday May Not Actually Be 7 Days

This year’s Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year will be coming early, with Chinese New Year Eve falling on the 31st. It is a time for reunion, for festivities and joy as people welcome spring, which is why it is also known as the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival technically lasts for 15 days, but for many […]

Work and Digital Privacy

The digital revolution is also known as the fourth industrial revolution, placing its impact on society on the same level as the industrial revolutions that precede it. For all the talk about technology and how it’s revolutionising the way we are living, the changes also come down to people too — “our sense of privacy, our notions […]

Remote Working & Tools

The year draws to a close again; at this point, we have come so far in this pandemic, with various rules and regulations put in place and then subsequently lifted. More importantly, the way we work has been revolutionised, with drastic changes made to past ways of working. As offices shift back and forth between hybrid-working […]

Why global businesses should be expanding into the UK

A thriving tech sector, growing economy, and talented workforce are just a few of the reasons why the UK is a lucrative place to do business. The UK’s 2018/19 tax year saw 672, 890 startups founded in the UK, and with the nation’s ongoing growth, it really is no surprise.   London, the UK’s diverse capital city, houses some of the world’s most significant […]

Changes to Singapore’s Employment Laws in Summary: 2021

It’s that time of the year again, a time for celebration and joy. Even for those non-religious, the wave of cheers with Christmas and the upcoming New Years is perhaps one of the bright spots in this on-going pandemic. And at the end of 2021, it is also important to note the general changes to […]

“Cautious”, But Optimistic Outlook for Hong Kong in 2022

Despite the pandemic attacking in waves with variants like Delta spreading around, Hong Kong’s economy has been improving. In a poll done in September, more than 400 companies have revealed that there would be an increase of 1.7% in pay in 2022, while more than ⅓ of the companies have plans to expand their businesses […]

China & the Importance of Mobile Users

For companies looking to push their products and online services in China, a mobile app might be where they need to start thinking from — or at the very least, a public WeChat account. Unlike countries in the West, internet users of China (and the emerging economies within the Asia-Pacific region, really) primarily get their […]

Are Gig Economy Workers Here to Stay?

Long story short, the rise of neoliberalism as an ideology has led to the rise of the gig economy that we know of today. But what is the gig economy about? What is it at its very core? And more importantly, is this a sustainable form of work, here to stay in the long run?  […]

Covid-19 the Cause Behind Largest Fall in Employment Rate in Singapore

According to the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), the impact Covid-19 has on employment in Singapore far surpasses more than any other crisis in history, such as SARs and even the Asian Financial Crisis.  This is because the impact of covid-19 comes in five different transmission channels, each dealing blows to the market in […]

Innovation in HR: A pandemic necessity

Covid-19 has definitely revolutionized the way we know work to be; from meetings to Zoom calls, from an office job to working from home, and so many more transformations that we have to keep ourselves on our toes to adapt to. This disruption has forced the world to be on a desperate lookout for solutions that can allow […]