China: Alternate Job Recruitment Sites?

Linkedin just announced that it would be shutting down its operations in China today — or at least, it’s going to come back in the form of Injobs, a vastly reduced form solely for job search and recruitment, lacking the social media aspect such as the posting of articles and sharing of content.

However, the hiring grind simply doesn’t stop, and there are still plenty more ways to look for talents in China and hire them — there are plenty of job search avenues for Chinese talents too. Here are some of them.


Founded in 1994, is one of China’s oldest job recruitment sites, and one of the most popular too. You can never go wrong with this site.

  1.’s bright orange interface can never be missed. Starting from 1998, it is now serving millions of job seekers and recruiters.


If you are hiring from outside, the smart website automatically adjusts to the location you are hiring from. It is also one of the top job searching and recruiting sites for Chinese people.

Hang on, you might ask. They are all in Chinese, wouldn’t that make it impossible for people who don’t know Chinese to navigate? Shouldn’t I be including English sites?

For starters, a majority of the English sites for jobs in China largely cater to foreigners/expats seeking a job there. For employers aiming to hire from China, some of those might not be the ideal choice, now that Linkedin is gone.

This is where our recruitment solutions come into play. Link Compliance’s curated pool of candidates allows recruiters seeking to hire in China exclusive access to candidates of higher quality than the market average. Our on-site team, well-versed and bilingual in English and Chinese, would be able to find you the best available candidate. If you are a job seeker trying to find the best available jobs in China, especially in the retail, biotechnology, IT and finance sector, our doors are more than wide open. Just enter our site, and get in contact with us.

No legal entity in China but you want to hire staff from there? You can consider our Professional Employment Organisation (PEO) services. We will help you hire employees in China under our name, but you get to do all the decision making and have full control over the employee.

In short, although China has its own job search and recruitment sites, for recruiters based out of China, our recruitment solutions and PEO services would be more than enough to service your needs, even before LinkedIn is gone in China.