Singapore: The Trick to Attract More Customers to Your Business

Look around you. What do you have with you? A wallet? A pen? Maybe a bottle of hand sanitizer? Oh, but maybe you don’t need a wallet anymore, the e-wallet and various avenues of payments are all available on your phone. That pen is starting to look a little unnecessary too, other than for leaving some last-minute notes, there is nothing you cannot say over the internet. You still need that bottle of hand sanitizer, though.  #Staysafe. But what I’m trying to talk about here is perhaps the very thing you might be reading this on — that’s right, a mobile phone. Sure, you might be reading this on a much larger screen, but your phone is not going to be too far away from you either. 

It’s safe to say that in sufficiently developed countries, our lives are inseparable from the mobile phone. It holds our access to the internet, the wealth of knowledge, our access to loved ones, and money too. It is such an integral part of life that any business worth its salt should be reaching out to customers via the mobile phone. Simply getting your (potential) customers to download an app unlocks unless potential — for instance, you can deliver goods and services in a more efficient manner, in a way that reaches the customer more directly than an email going straight into the spam folder, and you can make an impression on the customer base as well. 

Here are more of the things you can do with a unique mobile app for your brand: 

Offer exclusive discounts. People are more than happy to let an app eat up a few more megabytes of their phone storage if they can get that exclusive 40% discount on that product. It has already been proven and tested with the explosion of e-commerce in China; giants such as Taobao are known for having cheaper prices on the mobile app than on desktop, and this shows in the massive profits they make on mobile as compared to desktop. People value convenience, and what could be more convenient than a mobile phone they carry around all the time? Some shopping platforms like Weidian are even mobile only, and are still making massive profits.  

Reward programs. A way to retain customers and to get them to use your brand again and again is to have a robust reward program in the mobile app, where its constant presence is a reminder for them to utilize the app more often. 

Be useful. Beyond fixing bugs, updates should always enhance the user’s experience. Your app can go beyond exclusive discounts and reward programs, it can also offer updates for the latest upcoming products. It can also serve as a direct channel of communication from you to the customer, and more importantly, from the customer to you. 

All of these are starting to sound a little tough. You might be scratching your head, thinking to yourself that it’s easier said than done. You might not have the tech talent nor the resources on board to devote an entire team to develop an app, and there are way too many examples of business apps that failed, on the basis of being too poorly made and not attracting customers. “Cheap and fast and good” have always been known as a pick maximum two situation, but what if we tell you that we can accomplish all three for you? 

Look no further than our LinkTheCoder services, our bridge from Malaysian tech talents to the Singapore market. Often bilingual or even trilingual, these Malaysian tech talents are often an underrated option when it comes to offshoring. Our proximity as neighbors will ensure smoother communication, so your needs and wants for the app will be met accurately. Remote working in both countries ensures work gets done quickly, and not to mention the way offshoring saves costs, especially if you do not have the resources required for a full local team at the moment.  

So, what are you waiting for? Visit LinkTheCoder’s site, meet one of our Zacks, and revolutionize your business with the perfect app today.