Be Smart Like Sam.

You are Sam. You have a successful tech/finance/bioscience/retail company going on, but competition is tight over here. The domestic market is a slice of pie that everyone wants to get, but maybe you had your fill and feel like you can fight for a different slice of pie instead. Your heart is starting to itch for a something more. 

Maybe one day you are on the way home from a long tiring day at work, or maybe you simply took a glance at the world map. Suddenly it’s like a light bulb lit up on your head — why not expand overseas? There is always a niche for foreign products. You hold the patent in your hands, and you tremble in excitement at the very thought. 

Well… there is one issue, however. The country you are thinking about is China, and you cannot speak Chinese even if you tried with all your might. You don’t know anyone there, or anything really, other than the fact that your product might sell like hotcakes over there. 

So you start researching. Having to be in there in person to get a corporate bank account registered. The 31242 regulations you have to follow, all mostly in Chinese. What do you mean that laws are carried out differently depending on the region? What do you mean that employees are entitled to different number of days for maternity leave? All labor contracts have to be in Chinese? You have a feeling that by the time you get over the language barrier and set everything up, your time might have been better spent elsewhere instead. 2 years is no joke.

You feel yourself blacking out. This is honestly too difficult, maybe it’s not worth it at all…. And that is where we stop you. 

“Check out our Professional Employment Organization (PEO) services,” we say to you. 

So you click into our website. You read, and you feel hope swell up in you again — what do you mean you can set up a company overseas, over in China, without having to set up a legal entity yourself? 

We smile and present to you our existing infrastructure. Our existing on-site teams are more than prepared to help you hire Chinese employees on your behalf. We can help you payroll and manage your employees too, exchange rates and international bank transfers begone! You still get to directly manage your employee; except they are hired under our name. We are just a medium for your business to expand through, that’s all. 

This is all sounding too good to be true, and the fact that we do this without needing set-up costs and as well as asking for some of the lowest monthly fees in the market sounds like a dream coming true for your wallet. 

So you get into contact with us, and within two days, you essentially have a whole company overseas, ready to go in action. You go to sleep with a smile on your face. 

Be Smart, be like Sam. Check out our PEO services and unlock infinite opportunities today.