Singapore: Alternate Ways to Hire

Sometimes hiring a full-time worker is not what your company needs, sometimes it is not what your company can afford at the moment. Developments in the business world coupled with the pandemic fast-tracking the pace of digitalization, technology has expanded many avenues of employment. Be it the avenues where employers look for candidates, or the avenues in which job seekers may seek employment. In this day and age, it’s no longer just posting in the newspaper or directly inviting candidates to show up in the office out of the blue. 

Different companies, different needs. So here are some hiring avenues that are available to companies within Singapore, and the differences it entails. 

Posting on job sites 

Employers and their HR teams can post on job sites or places like Linkedin in order to attract prospective employees. In the age of the internet, posting advertisements in the newspapers might not capture much attention from the right audiences. Reaching out on the internet – especially for jobs that require one to be tech-savvy – is the fastest and most efficient way to reach out to a wide range of audiences. However, the sheer amount of job search sites out there may make it difficult to cover all your bases when looking for the right candidate for the job. 

Through a third party 

Singapore has a wide plethora of recruitment agencies and staffing companies. They serve as the middleman between job seekers and employers. For employers wishing to save on recruitment costs, and depending on the size of a company, it may be more equitable to look for new employees through a third party instead. But what about higher level positions, such as executives and managers? Link Compliance’s recruitment solutions are more than capable of doing exactly that. Our connections with specific industries, IT, retail, biotech and finance allows us to be the first in the know whenever a capable talent is ready to look for their next employment. Our specialisation in these fields allow us to match the perfect higher-level candidates for your company’s needs — and we do it all for cheap too. 


Somewhat related to hiring through a third party, employers can consider moving certain work offshore too, allowing even greater cost savings in terms of exchange rate differences, not needing to find an office space locally and more. Linkthecoder allows Singaporean firms to temporarily hire IT talents from Malaysia, our neighbour. This means little to no barrier in terms of communication and work culture, and much cost savings too. This particular versatile service can cater to short term projects such as any one-off website development, or a long-term relationship requiring the IT talent to aid in areas impacting business goals. 

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